Elevate your
Therapy practice
With ModThera

Simplified Therapy Management System

Seamlessly Manage all Aspects of your Clinic

Discover the power of ModThera’s features designed for offline and online therapy practice. From efficient digital scheduling that simplifies appointments to secure
documentation for client records, ModThera streamlines your administrative tasks, allowing you to devote more time to providing exceptional care.

Digital Scheduling

Real-time scheduling and availability management.

Automated notifications and reminders for clients.

User-friendly interface for easy rescheduling and cancellations.

Automated Billing

Analytics & Reporting


Why People Prefer Us

Tailoured to you

We understand that every therapist's approach is unique. Our software offers customizable features that adapt to your practice, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your workflow and requirements.

Efficiency Amplified

Time is your most valuable resource. Our software streamlines every administrative task, from appointment scheduling to billing, liberating you to focus on what truly matters – patient care.

Insights for Impact

Data-driven decisions drive success. Our advanced analytics and reporting provide actionable insights into your practice's performance, enabling you to refine strategies and achieve optimal outcomes.

ModThera, where we transform therapy practice management

Tailored for Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Mental Health providers, and Special Educators, our platform offers seamless messaging and intuitive tools to optimize collaboration and empower comprehensive client support.


Choose a pricing plan that aligns with your practice needs. From our Basic plan offering essential features, to
the Premium plan with advanced client management and Reports and Therapy Resources, ModThera’s
pricing tiers provide flexibility for therapists at every stage.

Therapists ModThera

ModThera transformed my therapy practice. Managing appointments and notes has never been easier! The platform's user-friendly interface took my client interactions to the next level.

Priya Kurian Speech Language Pathologist

I'm impressed with how ModThera streamlines my client interactions. Itis a game-changer for therapists looking to optimise their practice!

Dr. Harsha Rathore Occupational Therapist

ModThera transformed my practice. From scheduling to secure documentation, it's streamlined and user-friendly. Now, I focus on quality care.

Dr. Ayesha Mohammad Psychologist


ModThera simplifies administrative tasks, allowing therapists to focus more on patient care. It offers digital scheduling, automated billing, secure documentation storage, and analytics to improve efficiency and outcomes.
Absolutely! ModThera is designed to be flexible. You can customize settings, templates, and workflows to match your practice’s unique needs and preferences.
Yes, patient data security is a top priority. ModThera employs robust encryption, user authentication, and follows industry-standard security practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.
Yes, ModThera is designed to accommodate various therapy disciplines such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and more. It provides tools that cater to the specific needs of each discipline.
ModThera offers automated billing features that generate invoices, process payments, and support insurance claims. This streamlines your financial processes and reduces billing errors.
Absolutely. ModThera includes outcome tracking features and analytics that help you monitor patient progress over time. You can visualize trends and make data-informed decisions.
Yes, ModThera boasts an intuitive interface that caters to both therapists and clients. Therapists can manage appointments and documentation with ease, while clients can access treatment plans and resources conveniently.
We offer dedicated customer support to help you navigate ModThera effectively. Our support team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Working Hours of customer support center are Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm IST.
Of course! We offer a trial period during which you can explore the features of ModThera and experience how it can benefit your therapy practice.

Billed Monthly


1499 /Month
  • For Single Therapist
  • Now 749


2199 /Month
  • 2-3
  • Now 1499


3999 /Month
  • 4-9
  • Now 2499


5699 /Month
  • 10-19
  • Now 4499


8499 /Month
  • 20-30 (contact us for >30)
  • Now 6499

Billed Annually


999 /Month
  • For Single Therapist
  • Now 499


1999 /Month
  • 2-3
  • Now 1299


2999 /Month
  • 4-9
  • Now 1999


4499 /Month
  • 10-19
  • Now 3499


6999 /Month
  • 20-30 (contact us for >30)
  • Now 4999
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