About ModThera

Company Background

ModThera was born out of a transformative journey to digitise therapy services. ModThera is a brand of ModThera Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in 2023 and headquartered in Noida, India.

ModThera (earlier TheraKonnect, established in 2018) has been supporting operations at 1SpecialPlace, enhancing the efficiency of therapy provision in India over the past few years. Witnessing the significant improvement in our internal operations, we were inspired to share the benefits of our platform with the global community.

Our story began with a simple yet powerful realization: the impact of digital transformation on therapy practices. ModThera was conceived to be the enabler that digitises therapy practices and clinics in India, providing a superb platform for scalable growth and incorporating the latest technological advancements.

Our Mission

Technological Advancement

We aim to transform therapy management through integration of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance patient care and streamline operations.


We strive to make our service accessible to all professionals and believe that technology should not be restricted to a select few.

Digitise Therapy Processes

We aim to standardised therapy protocols, empower professionals to transition from cumbersome manual processes to a streamlined, digital infrastructure.

Founder & Leadership

ModThera was founded by Pratiksha Gupta, a seasoned Speech Language Therapist cum Audiologist since 2007, a distinguished post graduate from University College London and a Gold Medallist from the All India Institute of Speech & Hearing (AIISH) in Mysore, India. With a passion for leveraging technology to enhance healthcare, Pratiksha is at the forefront of innovation in the field of therapy services.

Pratiksha’s commitment to advancing therapy practices is not only evident in her academic achievements but also through her role as the founder of 1SpecialPlace, India’s first and leading teletherapy platform. As the visionary leader behind ModThera, Pratiksha brings a unique blend of academic excellence, practical experience, and a deep understanding of the needs of therapy practitioners.

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Mission and Values

At ModThera, our mission is to address the pressing need for technological advancement in therapy practices, particularly in India, where a staggering majority of clinics still grapple with poor digital adoption. Recent global healthcare technology trends highlight the widespread integration of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance patient care and streamline operations.

Shockingly, the therapy industry lags behind, with a concerning reliance on archaic manual methods for booking, documentation, and overall management within clinics. In an era marked by rapid technological progress and the widespread adoption of tech in healthcare, the over-reliance on outdated, manual approaches hampers the efficiency and scalability of therapy services.

ModThera is committed to reversing this trend by providing authentic, tech-based solutions that bridge the existing gap. Our Therapy Management System aims to revolutionize the industry, empowering clinics to seamlessly transition from cumbersome manual processes to a streamlined, digital infrastructure. Through ModThera, we envision a future where therapy practitioners in India and beyond can effortlessly embrace digital tools, unlocking unparalleled levels of efficiency, accuracy, and patient care.

Future Vision

At ModThera, we envision a future where therapy practices globally are seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation, continually enhancing our Therapy Management System to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. We aspire to empower therapists with advanced tools, foster collaboration on a global scale, and contribute to improved patient outcomes. ModThera aims to be the catalyst for a digital revolution in therapy services, setting new standards for efficiency, accessibility, and excellence in patient care. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of therapy practices worldwide.

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